About Mentor Match

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and Association of Directors of Geriatrics Academic Programs (ADGAP) are pleased to offer

Mentor Match is a virtual program based on your schedule and needs for all disciplines and career stages. 
Participating in Mentor Match helps address unmet career development needs of trainees,
junior faculty, women in geriatrics, geriatrics program directors, geriatrics professionals and more!

Whether you're looking to connect with a mentor for a short-term consult or to develop a more long-term relationship, our Virtual Mentor Match is for you!


Build your network and gain new perspective

Get the support you need to feel confident as you navigate your career

Thrive from mentorship focused on your goals, tailored to your needs


Develop your leadership and teaching skills

Gain a new perspective to your work and discover new ideas

Experience the fulfillment of contributing to a mentee's professional development

PROGRAM PRO-TIP: You can sign up as both and mentor AND a mentee. Get the answers you need and give back by helping someone else!

We also have an in-person mentorship program that takes place at our AGS Annual Meeting during in-person years. Click here to learn more.  



Complete your Mentorship Bio. Add a profile picture and tell us about yourself in your bio. This will help your mentor or mentee learn about you in your own words. If you have any questions about completing your profile or updating your contact information you can contact us at membership@americangeriatrics.org.


Use the enrollment form to select your topics of interest, and then enroll as a mentor and/or mentee (you can choose both!). As a mentor, you'll be asked to choose a start date for when you will start accepting mentee requests. As a mentor and a mentee, you’ll be able to provide an end date (optional), and communication preferences for how you'd like to connect with your mentor/mentee.

Enroll as a  Mentor
Enroll as a Mentee

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Mentees can use the Mentor Directory to find a match! Start by selecting mentoring topics of interest and a communication method that matches yours and then decide what else you're looking for in a mentor. You can filter options such as discipline, career stage, topics in which a mentor has indicated their expertise, location, and even name if you want to look for someone specific.

Once you've made your selections, click "find mentor" to browse your options. In the results that are returned, clicking on someone's profile picture will bring you to their mentoring profile where you can learn more about them.

If you think that person is a good match, click "send mentor request.” Note: we recommend sending no more than 3 mentor requests at a time.


Let the mentoring begin! We recommend starting off by emailing your mentor to schedule the first time you want to meet and discuss your mentorship goals. Here's a sample email to send and ideas of what to discuss. We recommend referring to our tools for extra help.

Also, don't forget to view our Mentoring FAQs.