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Different Stitch Options You Must Know About

Decorative stitches add beauty and charm to your project but you should understand where to use them and how you can make project creative with the help of these. Usually, we can see these stitches in the pillow covers or in some stuff toys to prominent the line and add something different.

If you are done with the straight sewing, now it’s time to jump to the decorative stitches and master these options in your machine. Before we move on, we would like to suggest this site in case you’re looking for more in-depth info about entry level sewing machine reviews for more in-depth sewing machine guides.


1, Top Stitch:

Topstitch is one of the most prominent stitches on the fabric. Basically, when you start sewing the fabric, you have to use this stitch on the right side of the parallel to sew a hem. One thing you have to take care of when using top stitch is the neatness. If there is no neatness, your project would look like some old and home-made things.



2, Zig-Zag Stitch

Zigzag stitches are one of the most fun stitches to work with and they are practical as well. In most of your fancy projects, you may feel like to add some prominent part to make it look better. While working with the zigzag stitches, you don’t have to work too hard as you can adjust it easily. However, at the time of switching to the decorative stitches, you have to pick the desired stitch from the screen.


3, Overcast Stitch:

If you want to create durable seams for your woven fabric, there is no better stitch option than the overcast stitches since it will bring neatness in your sewing. It will also prevent the edges of your woven assignment from fraying.

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4, Basting Stitch:

You may not know much about this stitch but in some sewing machines you can see how this stitch has the option of the auto set. You just have to choose the stitch and it will set automatically according to the requirement of the fabric.

Note that you don’t have to use basting stitch in every project but you can use it when it comes to marking, gathering and fitting.


5, Slip Stitch:

This stitch is going to be one of your favorite stitches once you understand how to use it. Let me tell you that these are invisible and excellent source of neatness when you need to finish the seam. They always look tidy on any fabric. You just have to work with all your focus so you can absolutely master it. These stitches are fascinating for the professional work and for the catalog as well.




The more you learn about the sewing, the more you love every bit of information absorbing every day. Only the right kind of info can help you in moving forward in your sewing career. If you have the Image best sewing machine for beginners, you should master the skills in no time and learn how each stitch work to try them all out.