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Founded in December 2020, Donation Information has come a long way from its beginnings in Indonesia. When founder first started out, their passion for Share Donation Info drove them to the intention to share and seek information from donors who are willing to lend a hand, so that Donation Information Info can offer you the information about anyone who is in distress and needs money to cope with the burdens of his life. My personal blog on Bang Ancis.

Make Donating One of Our Habits!

When asked what wealth means, to me, being blessed with physical and spiritual health and having good friends, it is a wealth that is second to none. I know, this definition is relative to each person, which generally depends on what experiences they have had before.

I myself said that because I had experienced severe pain and depression - which would require a lot of money to cure it. No matter how rich we are, we can't pay someone else to get sick in our place, can we? Being blessed with health, which means that we are given the capital as well as the opportunity to work, which of course will be fuel for us to continue knitting life in this world.