2024 Scientist-In-Training Research Award

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Signup Deadline: 12-01-2023



A Scientist-in-Training Research Award will be presented to a pre-doctoral candidate from a range of disciplines, including psychology, gerontology, epidemiology, etc., to celebrate the awardees promise as a geriatrics scientist.


Selection is based on submission of a high-scoring abstract for presentation at the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting AND on evidence of an early but promising career in geriatrics or gerontological research (as demonstrated by supporting letters of recommendation and evidence of productivity in a biosketch). Qualified applicants may or may not have clinical training, but must be participants in a scientific training degree program such as a PhD, Masters in Clinical Science, or Masters in Public Health.

Application Process

Applicants must submit an abstract of research or research-in-progress electronically to the AGS Annual Scientific Meeting. Click here for the abstract submission site. The pre-doctoral candidate's biosketch (NIH-style, 4 pages maximum) and a letter of support from his/her advisor/research mentor outlining the candidate's role in the research, as well as his/her interest in and promise for an academic career in the appropriate aging-related field, must be sent to the AGS office or uploaded using the nomination form. 

A 150- word summary statement of your nominees' achievements which we will use in our announcements and speeches. Your summary should focus on the impact they have had or will have on the field of geriatrics.

Past Recipients of the Scientist-in-Training Research Award

2023  Helen Omuya
2022  Chan Mi Park, MD 
2021   Anabella Pinton 
2020   Deborah Mack, MPH 
2019   Minakshi Raj, MPH 
2018   Joshua Niznik, PharmD 
2017   Andrea E. Daddato, MS 
2016   Andrew Zullo, PharmD, ScM 
2015   Camilla B. Pimentel, MPH 
2014   Rebecca H. Affoo, MCLScSLP 
2013   Lolita Nidadavolu, BA 
2012   Jillian Wong 
2011   Jason L. Sanders, BA, MD/PhD Cand. 
2010   David Wert 


Denise McAlpin